The RAVel

Pleasure on bike or on foot along the ancient railways..

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At the heart of the Eastern Townships and the High Fens, the Castle of Reinhardstein, at the top of a rocky promontory, where a waterfall jumps, dominates the valley of the Warche..

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Cross-country skiing Botrange

At the foot of Botrange Signal, Belgium’s highest point along the nature reserve of the High Fens-Eiffel and in the heart of the Natural Park of the High Fens.  .

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FORESTIA offers two major activities, and now meets the needs of ALL! The ANIMAL PARK and the ADVENTURE TOUR + the large playground and mini-exhibition. .

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High Fens Railbike

Discover the Ardennes and the High Fens on bike! A an outdoor touristic activity in the Ardennes nature, with your family, your children or a group of friends..

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Nature Park High Fens-Eifel

Real player in the life of the High Plateau: Tourist (walks, exhibitions, parties …), educational (nature activities …) or heritage (restoration of flora,..).

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Lake of Robertville

Walks, ride boats or pleasure in swimming pool, an outdoor pool in a beautiful natural setting.  .

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A breath-taking region to discover again and again.

Cave of Remouchamps

The longest underground navigation of the world! The tour goes through spectacular rooms, you walk on the first part and you take the boat for the return..

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Lake of Butgenbach

A sports center is located on a lake shore: archery, climbing, judo, orienteering or you can also spend an afternoon at the lake in the water. .

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